Based in Amsterdam, Clovery offers shirts as a service. Clovery works exclusively with high-end fashion brands. Customers choose new high-quality shirts every two weeks and swap their worn items whenever and wherever they want.


Imagine every trend, every color, every brand, everything you’ve ever wanted to wear, available in our infinity closet. Constantly changing your wardrobe, never spending time on washing and ironing again, and contributing to a sustainable fashion industry. This is what we aim for.


Clovery is a solution to the growing impact of the fashion industry on the climate. Renting out clothing results in more usage of each item and therefore reduces the environmental impact. Items will also last longer because they are professionally cleaned. The third reason why Clovery can be a solution to the environmental impact of the fashion industry is that recycling becomes much more obtainable. We will recycle every piece of clothing no longer suitable for rent and we encourage brands to design more eco-friendly items.


We can imagine you are skeptic about renting clothes. We are convinced people will rent everything in the future. Subscriptions and a sharing economy will be the future, also for clothes. 

Newspapers are also convinced that renting clothes is the future. According to the “Financiële Dagblad“, the market for renting clothes will grow from 1$ billion to 2.5$ in 2023. “Fashion United” writes that renting clothes can lead to margins up to 300% higher compared with selling them with traditional retail.

Although renting clothes is a new concept in The Netherlands, in America, there are already many clothing rental platforms. “Fashionista” gives an overview of these platforms.


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