Clovery is a platform where people can rent clothes for a monthly fee. Every month they receive tokens, with which they can select items to wear for a period of time. Once or twice per month, these clothes will be swapped for a new set of ready-to-wear items. Clovery delivers each set of items at the customer’s home or office, by using electric vehicles. Worn clothes will be delivered to a laundry service and then brought back to our warehouse.


When you decide to become a partner of Clovery, you become part of our sustainable concept.  We will add your brand to our online closet and make sure customers can select your items.

After a certain number of renting periods, when the items do not pass the quality requirements anymore, the clothes will be recycled with our own recycling program.


If your brand becomes a partner of Clovery, several unique benefits will be in place:

Part of a sustainable concept

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the worldwide CO2 emissions, making it one of the most polluting industries. Brands should take action and show they are actively searching for opportunities to reduce their impact on the environment.

Brands using our platform will take advantage of our sustainable branding. We position ourselves as a sustainable concept and our partners will take advantage of this.

Free marketing

Because we are a sustainable startup, the media likes to write about us. We are also attending conferences and participating in pitch innovation challenges. Our partners will of course take advantage of this. Recently, Clovery reached the semi-final of the Philips Innovation Awards, one of the largest startup competitions in the Netherlands. This achievement resulted in lots of media attention and free marketing for our partners. 


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